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How We Do It

Turning Interest Into Action

Sahayata (Balamitra) Charitable Trust emerged out of our desire to help children who suffer from non-infectious diseases such as fluorosis caused by drinking water. Inspired by our grandfather, moved by Flint (Michigan) water crisis, and called to action by our chance meeting of children disabled by fluorosis, we seek to provide state of the art water filters to each of the families in the endemic regions of Nalgonda county in India.


We hope to raise enough resources through donations to buy, replace, and replenish water filters that can filter out fluoride content from drinking water and deliver them to needy families with children. We have started with 10 families with afflicted kids from one village (Yellamagudem) and provided them with Aquagear filters (based on our research for their ability to filter fluoride). We plan to sustain the ten families and provide for and sustain another 22 families at risk in that one village (Yellamagudem). We will deliver the filters, educate the families on how to use them, perform quarterly check-ins through the internet, and in-person once a year. We will track all of the families over time and continue to do so until the children grow to be young adults. We then plan to help several other children at risk in 9 other villages in the fluorosis endemic region of Nalgonda. We realize these will provide solace to just a few families and there are many more that need help. This is just the beginning of our goal. In the years to come, we aim to expand and help as many as we can in other endemic areas and in our country.


We ask you to join our cause.  We are an organization driven to action by a cause but realize that the challenge will require longterm commitment, resources, and different perspectives to march towards our vision. Contact us, find out how you can help. 

How We Do It: About Us
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